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7 Jun 2016

 Mock Tests: A Helpful Tool
"It may not be difficult to answer all the questions on a test, but it's generally very difficult to answer them all in the allotted time."
Obtain sample written tests from previous test occasions and time yourself as you take them. Understand how they are scored: whether it's to your advantage to guess at answers you aren't sure of, or whether you should skip these questions. 
Understand how fast you have to work to answer every question that has a chance of increasing your score. This kind of practice is very helpful.

Join coaching classes – Self learning helps but guidance by experienced professional increases the chances of success many folds. Joining coaching classes fixes the study schedule and covering the syllabus becomes easier under the guidance of expert tutors who may even provide you the option study together.
Also at coaching class you will meet various students and will get opportunity to interact in concern.


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